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Assessment Schedule & Procedure

Evaluation is an indispensible part of the educational process. The progress of students in all the programmes is evaluated at various levels. At our institute we have an unique system of internal evaluation i.e. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) to assess the performance of students at various levels of courses like, the entry level, in between the term and at the end of the term in the form of unit-tests, tutorials, mid-terms exams & summative assessment in the form of pre-university examinations. Along with the theory assessment the practical session in the form of teaching practice is also internally assessed and rated in the form of grades and a mock viva is also conducted to assess the oral capabilities, content knowledge and understanding of the pupil teacher. The CCE based schedule of assessment is as follows.

  • Valuation of entry behavior of students in the beginning

  • Formative Assessment I (after the completion of 1/4th syllabus)

  • Formative Assessment II (after the completion of 3/4th syllabus)

  • Assessment of Microteaching session

  • Assessment of teaching practice session

  • Assessment of Internship programme

  • Summative Assessment in the form of pre-university exams

  • Assessment through Mock-viva

  • Assessment on the basis of performance in community based project

  • Assessment on the basis of participation in various co-curricular activities i.e. seminars, presentation, debates, extempore & other competitions during the whole session

  • Final university exams(Theory & Practical)

In the end of the session we provide the CCE cards to all the students that contain the record of their performance in all the curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the session. The CCE cards are very helpful in providing the feedback to students. The external evaluation is done by the university (Ch.Charan Singh University, Meerut) in the form of university examinations, both theory & practical.

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