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The teacher education programme is indeed the most essential stage to inculcate the social and citizenship values and skills in the future teachers as they would be infusing these values in their students through various classroom transactions and activities. Thus the pre-service teacher education programme has to be designed artfully to cater to such needs of a secular and emerging society. Developing an understanding of the society and commitment to social and civic engagement, go hand in hand. In the direction, the institute helps to foster the knowledge, skills and dispositions that young people need to attain in order to develop into politically aware and socially responsible citizens.

Our institute organizes various co-curricular activities and community based projects for the development of social and citizenship values among students. These community based projects are designed to infuse sense of social and civic responsibility in students. Community projects completed in the last five years are-
  • Adult literacy/education programme

  • Mid-day meal awareness/survey programme

  • Child labour eradication programme

  • Women empowerment programme

  • E-waste management

  • Ground water management

  • Water preservation

  • Anti tobacco and drug awareness programme

  • AIDS awareness programme

  • Girl Child Education awareness

  • Right to education programme

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