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  • Action research based internship programme is organized for M.Ed. students. The programme is very useful for students because they get complete experience of collection, analysis and interpretation of data. This exposure is helpful to them in future dissertation work.
  • Experience of book review and review of journals.
  • Exposure of using computers for related literature, tabulation of data and statistical treatment of data using excel and SPSS.
  • A workshop organized every year on the theme: ‘How to write a research report?’
  • A lecture by an eminent educationist on ‘Rules of writing research report’.
  • A special session focusing: ‘Making and presentation of synopsis/research proposal’.
    In every session a comprehensive synopsis presentation takes place for all M.Ed. and M.Phil students. Students prepare their research proposal and present it before the complete faculty of the institute.
    During the presentations discussions are made regarding the feasibility and procedure of study.
  • Visit to various libraries like NCERT, ICSSR and JNU library for reference purpose.
  • A project based on Flander’s Interaction Analysis Category System (FIACS) and applications of Teacher Evaluation Protocols. The M. Ed. students collect data during the teaching practice session of B.Ed. This project has a dual purpose in the sense that pupil teachers also become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and can subsequently improve upon their abilities.
  • Bibliography is an essential part of a research report, but generally students have many misconceptions regarding it. So every year an extension lecture is organized for giving special focus on the steps involved in writing Bibliography of a research report. In this lecture both the systems of writing bibliography i.e. APA format and MLA format is discussed.
  • Publication of the college journal namely Eduquest since 2008 to collect, disseminate and share some good research work from in house students and researchers around India.
  • Publication of the college newsletter from present session to share the in – house innovative practices.
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