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Seminar 2007
Seminar on -“India: As Emerging Global Power - An Imperative for Reorienting Teacher Education” at Chet Ram Sharma College Of Education, Noida.
There is a tremendous euphoria in the country today with the predictions that India is poised to become a global super power. The major factor, which has contributed to such projections, is the young population of the country. The emerging youthfulness of India, however, can be a double-edged weapon. If handled properly, the country can benefit from this demographic dividend. On the other hand, careless handling of youth can lead to big demographic disaster. This brings into limelight the stellar role that teachers and teacher educators are required to play in molding the destiny of youth and thus the nation as a whole. A need is accordingly perceived for a total reorientation of teacher education programme to equip the future teachers with more didactic competencies so as to assume their new role as innovators, leaders, guides, motivators and philosophers in this endeavor of meeting the emerging demands of nation and society.

Considering the importance of this issue, we, at CRSCE, are making an effort to discuss the need for restructuring teacher education programme to evolve and nurture quality education for achieving a knowledge society. In this direction, we invited company of eminent educationists and professionals from the field of education to share their views under a common platform by organizing a National Level Seminar on the theme: -
“India: As Emerging Global Power - An Imperative for Reorienting Teacher Education”
Subtopics to be discussed under this theme were as follows:
Skill Based Education: Redesigning teacher education programme for preparing youth for useful employment.
Teacher as a role innovator in the emerging knowledge society
Teacher as a change agent for modernization and development.
Need of evolving need-based and culture-specific pedagogies in teacher training.
Role of information and Communication Technology in teacher training as a tool for evolving India as a Knowledge Economy.
Need of fostering qualities of Competency, Commitment and Accountability in teachers.
Developing youth for emerging global challenges: Role of Emotionally Competent teachers.
Dr. Shubhra Mangal, Principal, Chet Ram Sharma College of Education extended a welcome address to the eminent gathering at the Seminar. The motive behind organizing the Seminar was shared with the participants with the help of a picture on the LCD Projector.

The above picture crystallized the changing impression of India as of between today and yesterday. India was known as the country of snake charmers and starvers but today it is giving a tough competition to the developing nations. Indians who have the advantage of fluency in English and an incessant stamina for hard work are the most desired lot across the globe. So analyzing the importance of our vast population in the form of young working population we should make all the efforts to carve out skilled and efficient people out of the illiterate lot of our population. Here comes the role of an efficient teacher. Thus the present teacher-training programme has to be reoriented in order to carve efficient and committed teachers who shall in turn make dutiful citizens and thus contribute in turning our country into a Knowledge Economy.

The Seminar was inaugurated by Dr.B.Krishna Reddy (Regional Director, NRC, NCTE) who enlightened the gathering by his eloquent speech. He focused on the importance of Information and Communication Technology in uniting people and ideas. He said that even if people at far-flung areas cannot meet and see each other, they could interact and exchange ideas through Internet. In order to convey our ideas we do not need physical presence today as IT has made communication easier and faster and distance has no boundations today. The globe has shrunk and many changes are taking place across the globe in all fields. Some changes being inevitable like the flow of water and the flow of wind, are bound to happen and if we do not adapt to the changes, we are bound to be left behind. In order to keep pace with the changes we have to move fast in all fields of education. Our curriculum of school education has to be changed according to the changing times. The students have to be trained accordingly and this brings in the necessary role of teachers. If trained properly our students in the form of future citizens can have better jobs not only in our country but overseas also. The Honorable Regional Director stressed on the importance of Teaching profession in the coming years. He said that opportunities for teachers are increasing day by day where teachers are moving across boundaries and teaching profession would be more sought after as we already see that in Arab countries and in USA there is a large demand of teachers and Indian teachers are in great demand due to their command over English language. Today we need to define new parameters of knowledge where a teacher is to play a variety of roles as a father, a role innovator, a motivator, a role model and has to participate in community services also. Now the role of a teacher is no more confined to the four walls of the classroom but it stretches beyond that to the society and world also. He stated that the deliberations of the seminar would be fruitful in the sense that they would redefine the teacher-training curriculum for future teachers. We need to reduce the burden of children from schoolbooks and stress to overall personality development. For this we need more dutiful teachers who are high on character and morals and can profess cultural ethics in our children so as to prepare them for jobs in different countries and cultures. The Regional Director emphasized that the Development of human Resources and its enstrenghthening is the need of the hour as India is poised to become a super power and there is no doubt that with the present pace we shall leave all others behind. The lucid speech of the Regional Director left an indelible mark on all those present at the institute.

He appreciated the efforts in the form of organizing a national Level Seminar and he wished that the deliberations of the seminar should evolve new strategies for the future teacher-training programme.

Around 52 participants as teacher educators, research professionals and Principals of teacher training colleges from across the nation attended the National Seminar.

Dr. (Mrs.) Suraksha Pal (H.O.D., Department of Education, C.C.S. University, Meerut) chaired the prelunch session of the seminar. The deliberations of the pre-lunch session were summarized by Dr. Ranjana Arora (Reader, National Curriculum Group, NCERT), Dr. A.P. Behera (Reader, N.C.G., NCERT) and Dr. Suraksha Pal, which gave a new direction and light to the discussions undertaken.

The post lunch session was chaired by Dr. I.R.S. Sindhu (Dean, Department of Education, C.C.S. University, Meerut) and the deliberations were summed by Dr. R.L. Phutela (Head, Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT), Dr. S.K. Mangal (Ex-Principal, C.R. College of Education, Rohtak), Dr. Uma Mangal (Ex-Principal, Vaish College of Education, Rohtak), Dr. D.P. Asija (Principal, S.L.D.A.V. College of Education, Ambala) and Dr. I.R.S. Sindhu. There was an exquisite brainstorming session, which has definitely re-defined and reoriented the present Teacher Education Programme.

Dr. Mangal stressed on the importance of Educational Technology for Teacher education as a double-edged weapon, which if utilized properly can serve as an asset but if used negatively can be detrimental for the society. He recommended that teachers should not hesitate to use ET freely but always keep in mind that ET cannot replace a teacher. Right Attitude and right appreciation should be extended to students so that students can benefit from the information provided rather than minimum input and maximum output, which are the criteria to use IT. Communication can be enhanced through the use of technology. It should be used as a means and not an end.

Dr. Ranjana Arora Stressed the importance of National Curriculum Framework 2005,and said that how can we implement what we think and presently in the seminar this is the requirement of the time. Student is perceived as a passive recipient of knowledge. But this is wrong, as a child can construct knowledge. We should provide the opportunities to students to think about the happenings in nature and give a reason for them. Pedagogy is required not to think what should be there but rather how it is to be done. The need of the hour is that we have to strike a strategy to think how such things that are on paper or on the agendas should be given a shape.

Dr. R.L. Phutela emphasized upon the Emotional Intelligence of our teachers. An emotionally competent teacher is the heart and soul of an educational programme. A positive outlook of a teacher and the sense of commitment can cause wonders. By citing examples from the everyday classroom interactions of teachers he made the discussion very lively and pertinent to the issue.

Mr. Pradeep Sharma (Chairman of the Institute) and Dr. Shubhra Mangal extended a vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and the participants at the seminar.

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