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Student Charter
The institution shall:
  • Communicate its goals and objectives systematically and clearly to all students;

  • Adopt a non-discriminating approach towards students;

  • Properly orient students towards developing an all round personality;

  • Offer programmes that are consistent with its goals and objectives;

  • Offer a wide range of programmes with adequate academic flexibility;

  • Offer adequate infrastructural facilities for personal and academic development;

  • Obtain feedback from students on all services provided and infrastructure;

  • Facilitate effective functioning of the teaching-learning programme with timely innovation;

  • Implement a well-designed programme for monitoring student progress continuously;

  • Ensure that the student assessment mechanism is reliable and valid;

  • Provide clear information to students about the admission and completion requirements for all programmes, the fee structure, financial aid and student support services;

  • Ensure and promote healthy practices at campus;

  • Nurture thinking professionals who shall be lifelong learners.

The quality of the services and provisions stated above that students are entitled to is balanced with responsibilities placed on them. The ethos of this institution is different from that the students may have experienced at school, college education or through other training programmes. This Charter explains how they can make the most of the opportunities available at college and the student experiences it has to offer. The students shall:
  • Act at all times in a way that demonstrates respect for the right of other students and staff so that the learning environment is both safe and productive;

  • Respect college property;

  • Appreciate the institutional goals and objectives by exhibiting commitment with special reference to achieving personal excellence in performance and allowing freedom of expression;

  • Fulfill their responsibility to participate actively and positively in the educational environment including,

    • Preparing for and attending classes as required

    • Participating in class discussions and other activities

    • Maintaining steady progress within the course

    • Submitting required work on time

  • Have a clear knowledge of the programmes, admission policies, rules and regulations of the institution and comply with the same;

  • Make optimal use of the learning resources and other support services available in the institution;

  • Be prepared to take the continuous internal assessment and term-end examinations;

  • Participate in all endeavors of the college;

  • Take a proactive role in academic administration;

  • Be courteous, efficient and behave in a professional manner with peers, seniors, teachers, administrative staff, helpers and the local community while both on and off-campus;

  • Give adequate and timely feedback for system improvement and redressal of problems;

  • Not cheat, plagiarize or falsify data or any information provided;

  • Settle any outstanding debts to the Institution prior to graduating;

  • Have faith and ability to pursue lifelong learning;

  • Live as worthy alumni of the institution by contributing to the civic society optimally.

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