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Master of Education (M.Ed.): The duration of Master of Education (M.Ed.) course is one year and the examination is held at the end of the academic session. Along with dissertation the candidate has to secure 36% marks in aggregate of all the courses.

Goal: to prepare effective and resourceful teacher educators who are capable of conducting research and responding to the needs of the teacher training programme of modern Indian society.
Objectives of M.Ed. course:

The general objectives underlying the courses are:-
  • To prepare teacher educators who could be equipped with the knowledge of research process and would be conversant with the important techniques of educational research.
  • To prepare professional personnel who would be required to staff, colleges of education at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.
  • To prepare students who would be administrators and supervisors for the educational institutions, department of education and in other fields.
  • To prepare students for various psychological services such as psychological testing, educational and vocational guidance, statistical services with an educational orientation.

Objectives underlying the content of course:

1. To help the students to understand and appreciate the implications of existing trends in educational situation in Indian.

2. To prepare them to play their role in Teacher Education Programmer.

3. To help the students to acquire a technical knowledge of the psychological basis of learning, social adjustment and evaluation.

4. To orient the thinking of the students towards research and its functions in the various field of educational endeavor.

5. To make the students conversant with problem of methodology of research of various types and the problems of research design, the tools of collecting data, methods and techniques of analysis.

6. To enable them to undertake educational research in a specific field and to interpret educational research and investigations and to examine the scope of application of research.

7. To give training in undertaking research problems relating to a particular field.

8. To develop a technical competence in the field of specialization.

9. To enable them to evaluate the problems of research and studies done in field.

10. To help them to acquire the necessary skills for making contribution to the field of their specific interests.

The above objectives would be realized through programmes of study, practical work, seminars, tutorial and field work distributed over the period of the session.
Admission procedure:
Admission to M.Ed. course will be made on the basis of merit of entrance examination conducted by CCS University Merrut. Eligible candidates are sort listed on the basis of merit list.
Evaluation Scheme:
The performance of candidate appearing in M.Ed. examination will be evaluated as follows:
The evaluation of M.Ed. students will be done in 700 marks. A candidate shall be required to offer the courses as prescribed in the syllabus. Each course excluding dissertation will carry 100 maximum marks. Every M.Ed. student has to take three compulsory papers and two special papers i.e. fine theory papers in all & having weight age of 500 marks.

The dissertation shall be of 150 marks and be related to the subject matter of the courses of specialization selected out of any one of the following areas of specialization:
  • Educational Administration; Supervision & Planning.
  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation.
  • Educational Technology.
  • Guidance and Counseling in Education.
  • Designs of Experiment and Advanced Statistics.
Field based experiences related to supervision and evaluation of Practice teaching and other aspects of school experiences of B.Ed. programme will be of 50 marks.
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